The competitions were held in the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel on July 9 and 10, 2015 with adjudicators Sara Davis Buekner, James Parker and Janet Scott Hoyt.  The competitors were:

                Linda Ruan                  British Columbia

                Allison Hillier                 Alberta

                Eric Bews                     Saskatchewan

                Megan Dufrat               Manitoba

                Charissa Vandikas       Ontario

                Zhan Hong Xiao           Quebec

                Aude Urbancic              New Brunswick

                Andrew Son                  Nova Scotia

                Timothy Brennan          Newfoundland


Prizes awarded to the final round winners:


First Place:  $5,000 - Charissa Vandikas (Ontario) 

sponsored by The Personal Insurance Company, proud provider of home and auto insurance to CFMTA/FCAPM members


Second Place:  $3,000 - Zhan Hong Xiao (Quebec)

sponsored by CFMTA/FCAPM


Third Place:  $2,000 - Linda Ruan (British Columbia)

sponsored by CFMTA/FCAPM


Prizes awarded to the semi-final round competitors:

Dorothy Buckley Prize:  $1,000 – Zhan Hong Xiao (Quebec)

for the best performance of a Canadian composition


Marek Jablonski Prize:  $1,000 – Linda Ruan (British Columbia)

for the best performance of a Chopin composition


Willard Schultz Prize:  $1,000 – Charissa Vandikas (Ontario)

to the performer whose reading of Baroque music best communicates the intentions of the composer in the opinion of the adjudicator panel


Willard Schultz Prize:  $1,000 – Zhan Hong Xiao (Quebec)

to the performer who shows the most promise overall as a performing artist in the opinion of the adjudicator panel


The CFMTA/FCAPM is very grateful for the generous support of our donors:  Judith and Paul Ammann, Dorothy Buckley, Willard Schultz, the Marek Jablonski Endowment Fund and The Personal Insurance Company.