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Fake boob exams

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I?m not sure what you mean by "isn?t considered entirely empirical." The aspect of science which does not directly draw on empirical data is

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Fake boob exams
Fake boob exams
Fake boob exams
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Comments (21)
Tenos 03.05.2018
Excellent! I like-minded with Stephen Jay Gould in this post (and I enjoyed his writing style as well).
Meztirisar 12.05.2018
What is the bias?
Akinolabar 16.05.2018
Meaning no proof at all. You've tried this before.
Maktilar 18.05.2018
I think "backlash against new laws for equality" is actually a great way to describe what's happening right now. Van Jones is, regularly, a fool, but "whitelash" was a good term for it too. "Make America Great Again" has a pretty pointed meaning.
Shakar 24.05.2018
Not belief. Knowledge.
Tolrajas 27.05.2018
No, it definitely doesn't. That's a separate debate from whether it's correct or not, but universal common descent most definitely does not fulfill the requirements of being a science.
Mazutilar 29.05.2018
Who? Those who are religious, the laws etc.
Tarisar 31.05.2018
That we are all born theist
Akim 09.06.2018
Weinstein is surrending to police tomorrow!
Shaktira 16.06.2018
You had me at no A/C.
Fenribei 18.06.2018
I'm 6'3, 200ish, and I have a thing for petite white girls... you do the math lol... my baby mom is like 4'11.
Aragami 23.06.2018
Sir, rap hasn't promoted this since around 1990, update your talking points.
Mazujas 02.07.2018
Turrets? Like on a tank? Or is that another name for brassier filler? Maybe you mean Tourette Syndrome? Can you picture in today's government union "dues" decision some multiple-AA qualified Justice shouting out
Brabar 09.07.2018
While this particular case seems completely ridiculous to me, I disagree with the premise of your comment, which suggests that I should be able to joke about whatever and whomever I please and they have no right to be upset even if my joke is based on harmful and hurtful stereotypes and generalizations.
Fenrir 16.07.2018
Dennis Rodman is actually going to be there, peripherally if not at the "summit" per se. Or so I've heard - but that was on right-wing radio, so who knows?. Heh.
Zujas 23.07.2018
Decency and sensitivity are not being demonstrated when all you do is justify yourself, indulge in some specialist terminology, and try to pawn off insults as decent and even intelligent behavior.
Gagor 26.07.2018
Can you imagine if a white person said that about blacks? You would think that white people do not get false calls... Maybe he should look up "being Swatted".
Kazrakree 03.08.2018
There are many women who die in childbirth, and many where their death can be easily predicted.
Mezit 04.08.2018
All the women are PROPERLY clothed. That was my favorite thing. They're in practical attire for urban exploring. I used to wonder wtf Lara Croft out here in booty shorts and her boobs busting out of a tank top when she has to a: go into the jungle [you need long pants for that], b: doing all kind of gymnastic flips [like her boobs would be popping out and flopping her in the face obscuring vision].
Nikomuro 09.08.2018
Truths that have been discovered or proven to be real using logic and the scientific method.
Kalkree 13.08.2018
I didn't say that. As an atheist, I don't believe salvation is to be found. I also don't endorse that the universe DOES anything regarding vice and virtue.

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