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Kigazil 06.01.2018
He has preserved the Bible for you. Also, look at the existence of Israel.
JoJojas 14.01.2018
You wash out your dirty mouth! I personally cannot stand blended, it's crap!
Mezikazahn 20.01.2018
I do not/did not talk about my or my partner?s sex life.
Gardarr 22.01.2018
It is about time the Dem party is banned.
Zulkijas 26.01.2018
hold on, I'll find one of you tongueing Barry Obungos bung hole.
Malakora 03.02.2018
Enough of your intentional ignorance you're mocked! Pretty sad, you didn't even try to refute the cell phone video absence, which proved either Huckabee is a moron, liar, & can't afford a cheap phone.
Jusho 13.02.2018
As a Christian, I'm definitely not very close to 100% - never quite understood how anyone could be.
Kazrale 15.02.2018
The second question implies that these "non-church-goers" who say that they are Christian are actually atheist, and this data does not support this suggestion.
Mezisho 21.02.2018
what happened afterwards? I'm curious to see if she went to the Dr, if she only had a small amount for it not to work or what.
Vibei 22.02.2018
Diplomacy Yvonne ... lol.
Nidal 25.02.2018
"I asked the only woman I know - my mother."
Vilkree 04.03.2018
True, but if your religion is founded on the idea that a real Jesus existed and always existed and still exists and that you must believe and accept him in order not to go to Hell for eternity, it's kind of important to establish that there really was a Jesus who really had/has this kind of authority, right?
Volar 14.03.2018
Since I say that their conduct is not Christian and therefore demands more than their own testimony, who are you to argue?
Vujin 21.03.2018
Here is sessions on TV announcing THE NEW procedure. May 8, 2018.
JoJozahn 31.03.2018
Seems counterproductive to both sides doesn't it?
Zulkikazahn 31.03.2018
What yes or no question? You didn't ask one. You just claimed the bible was dangerous and polluting: "Run children! There's ideas in this book... Opus thinks it would be terrible if you read something and were expected to think for yourself... run!"
Dousida 05.04.2018
Right - but again then IMHO the onus is on the purchaser to do their homework because I'd say that whatever photog is charging, it's in line with others in the area.

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