Listed below are the confirmed Clinicians for our Pathways to…. Conference.

There are still additional presentations being considered and more information will be posted as soon as available.

Rhona-Mae Arca


Collaborative Technology in the Studio

 If “Dropboxing”, “Google Doc”, and “Trello Boards” sound foreign to you, this session is for you. In this hands-on workshop, explore various online collaborative technologies and learn how to make these high-tech tools work for your studio. More . . .


Gail Berenson

gail berensonThe Role of the Teacher in Keeping Our Students Healthy

Musicians make extreme physical demands on their bodies. This presentation will focus on injury preventive techniques, productive practicing strategies, establishing an enriching teaching environment, and defining the roles teachers play in keeping their students healthy.  More . . . 


Sharon Carne

Carne Sharon900x900How to Turn Stressed into Serene: Learn how quickly and easily you can create health and Well-being with music and sound

Chronic stress is the biggest health problem we face. The human body is hard-wired to respond to sound. Music is a physical experience and can easily and effectively reduce symptoms of stress.  More. . .


Jodie Compeau

jodieDREAM: Navigating and Maximizing Digital Music Resources

This hands-on workshop will demonstrate how DREAM (Digital Resource Exchange About Music) can help teachers locate pedagogical resources and collaborate with one another by submitting, rating, and commenting on these resources.  More. . . 


Martha Hill Duncan & Teresa Richert

MarthaTRichertDemystifying the Score - Composers' Perspectives

Composers Martha Hill Duncan and Teresa Richert will provide some insight into "reading between the lines" of a score and deciphering the composer's intentions based on their own unique experiences.  More. . . 


Alice Enns

alice ennsPedalling Debussy Préludes: Creative and Imaginative Solutions

Debussy provided only 20 pedal markings in his piano scores. Clues provided by the notation of the Bass plus voicing are major determinants in successful pedalling. More . . .


Alan Fraser

Alan FraserWellness and Use of the Body: Biotensegrity, the Skeleton and Musicianship at the Piano

Effective skeletal alignment in our body can empower not only the physical prowess but the musical command our hands bring to our piano playing. This presentation will teach your hand to access its innate power, and show your body as well how to support the newly empowered hand. More . . . 


Thomas Green

greenProdigies in Paris:  Two Legendary Pianists from the Studio of Antoine Marmontel

Francis Planté and Louis Diémer were among the many young pianists who studied under Antoine Marmontel at the Paris Conservatoire around 1850. This presentation will consider several documents and publications that provide insight into the performance training they received.   More. . .   


Dr. Norman King & Jane Ripley

NormanKing JaneRipleyMusic, Meaning and Wellness: The Changing Role of Music Teachers

Cyber and digital realities all too readily remove society from genuine human contact and the sense of an inner life. We are challenged today to teach beyond technique and performance to the value of music itself in students’ lives.  More. . . 


Dr. Joann Marie Kirchner

photoBefriending Musical Performance Anxiety

This session will offer a brief overview of anxiety to better understand the phenomenon and how anxiety manifests itself.  Techniques to aid an individual in confronting mild to moderate musical performance anxiety will be presented.  More. . . 


Dr. Mark Laughlin

Mark LaughlinImprovisation in the Music Curriculum

The presentation will address how piano teachers, without any previous background in improvisation, can begin to learn and teach students of all ages and abilities to improvise at the keyboard, utilizing any method.  More. . . 


Dr. Janet Lopinski

JLphotosmallFryderyk Chopin: Discovering the Dances

The music of Fryderyk Chopin is central to the repertoire of virtually every pianist.  This session will explore the influence of Polish folk music and dance on Chopin’s Mazurkas and Polonaises.  More . . .


Dr. Terrie Manno

tmanno‘But I played it perfectly at home!’ Narrowing the Gap Between the Practice Room and the Stage

The success of any live performance hinges on the performer’s mental processes.  A wandering mind is risky business.  Join me for a thoughtful discussion on strategies that can maximize student success in performance.  More. . . 


Marjory Purdy

BCRMTA Photo - MPurdyMaintaining our Boundaries, our Health, and our Business

Teaching music is a nurturing profession that easily leads to “burn-out”. This presentation discusses ways to maintain our personal and business boundaries, and therefore preserve our physical health, our emotional reserves, and ultimately our business.  More. . .


Dr. Jennifer Snow

CFMTA Proposals Submission; Jennifer SnowMeaningful Adjudication: Developing Effective Writing and Marking approaches in judging, evaluations, and beyond.

Explore in-depth approaches and activities that investigate adjudication skills including the use of meaningful and effective language, integrity in evaluation, marking and ranking, and the role and responsibilities of adjudicators in the learning cycle.  More. . .  



Dr. Dale Wheeler

Dale WheelerTeacher Know Thyself:  Self-Evaluation Guidelines for the Studio Teacher

As studio teachers the practice of self-evaluation is an important ingredient of personal growth and professionalism.  Together we will evaluate our teaching environment, lesson procedures, analytic and diagnostic skills, personal attributes, final results, and inner musical life.  More . . . 


Dr. Adrienne Wiley

Wiley-3One Hand is Better than Two: Piano Works for One Hand by Women Composers.

This presentation will highlight current one-handed educational music available today for the intermediate student, early examples of one-handed elementary teaching literature, works for the advanced pianist, as well as historical works in this genre.  More . . .




British Columbia Conservatory of Music

cmAn overview of the British Columbia Conservatory of Music Examination Systemwr
Christian Meyers /  Winfried Rompf
Trade Show Booth # 19b

You are invited to join the growing number of teachers and students who are discovering the benefits of the British Columbia Conservatory of Music Examination Program as a rewarding experience based on personal development and setting goals of a high academic standard.  More . . .



Conservatory Canada

CC colourIntroducing Conservatory Canada’s new Piano Syllabus - Derek Oger
Trade Show Booth # 13

Conservatory Canada is re-inventing the exam process by giving Teachers and Students unprecedented choice in their repertoire, skills tests, and exam format.  More . . .



Faber Piano Adventures

E. GutierrezPiano Adventures at the Intermediate Level - Elizabeth Gutierrez
Trade Show Booth # 10

Join us to explore the 2nd Editions for Level 3A and 3B of Piano Adventures®, including the new Sightreading Books through Level 4. Propel your students to the intermediate stage with this integrated blend of pianistic repertoire, theory, technique and artistry. More . . .



Hal Leonard

JenniferLinnBuilding Creativity Into Every Lesson - Jennifer Linn
Trade Show Booth # 11 - 12 

Every lesson can be a creative one! Featuring imaginative teaching tips, practice strategies, and ways to introduce improvisation using the best new music from Hal Leonard. Free music for all attendees.  More . . .


Long & McQuade

FullSizeRenderJust Press Play: 21st Century Strategies to Easily Connect Students, Teachers, and Technology - Shirley White
Trade Show Booth # 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 

Incorporating new technologies in piano, voice, and theory classes should be as easy as pushing a “Play” button… Right?  But as technology has advanced, it has become progressively more challenging for teachers to engage students at the core level, let alone enrich their learning experience via tech.  More . . .


Music Language Studios

Mathers 1Dicey Key Sigs - Laura Webster
Trade Show Booth #16b

Music Language Studios® is excited to present an interesting and fun approach to practicing Key Signatures through our new game called Dicey Key Sigs™  More . . .


The Piano Workbook Series

IMG_5825The Missing Link: Sight Reading Drills to Bridge the Gap Between Flashcards and Score Reading - Barbara Siemens
Trade Show Booth #16a

Come and explore a new series of graduated drill books designed to improve sight reading in all keys.  More . . .


Red Leaf Pianoworks

photo 3The More the Merrier!
Trade Show Booth # 20

Come! Be entertained as Red Leaf Composers join together to perform their Duets and Trios in a fun-filled presentation. Something for everyone!  More . . .



Piano Teaching Technology
Trade Show Booth # 14 - 15

Roland is pleased to host this interesting and interactive workshop where you can learn about the latest instruments and teaching tools for you studio.  More . . .


The Royal Conservatory

JLphotosmallCFMTA Proposals Submission; Jennifer SnowExcellence in Teaching:  An Integrated Approach to Learning
Trade Show Booth # 9 

Dr. Janet Lopinski and Dr. Jennifer Snow explore the Piano Syllabus, 2015 Edition.  Learn about the pedagogical philosophy behind the new requirements, and discover meaningful approaches for successfully integrating the program into your teaching. More . . .


Tom Lee Music

Shana KiriThe Yamaha Dream Studio: Technology-Equipped Pianos for the 21st Century
Trade Show Booth # 5 

Please join music technology guru Shana Kirk for a guided tour of Yamaha’s Dream Studio and explore what these 21st-century teaching tools can offer you and your students. More . . .


Ultimate Music Theory

Glory St. GermainDiscover 9 Mnemonic Secrets with Ultimate Music Theory - Glory St. Germain
Trade Show Booth # 17

Learn WHAT Mnemonic Devices are and WHY you need them to achieve Amazing Results! Plus, One Word to get a 20% Bump in Your Income!  More . . .


Yamaha Canada

shanaEveryday Technology for Everyday Lessons - Shana Kirk
Trade Show Booth # 6 - 7 - 8 

Ready to take the technology plunge, but not sure where to begin? This session will get you started with inspired uses for basic tech tools you may already have. More . . .