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>>"I do not care if a delusional man thinks that he is really a woman. In most cases, it is most certainly just autogynephilia."<<

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Kigagami 07.06.2018
Which part is in conflict with your beliefs?
Mektilar 16.06.2018
"Once you talk about nothing it becomes something" Lawrence Krause - 2016 Asimov memorial debates.
Toshura 26.06.2018
If I'm to be vigilant about vanity, what standards are you applying to your own posturing about proof?
Sakinos 04.07.2018
Not trying to derail the discussion--seriously.
Maugore 15.07.2018
But it is all just that. Your opinion. I have the facts.
Kazil 19.07.2018
Your boyfriend wasn't oblivious. He's waiting for you to tell him.
Vokora 20.07.2018
The 10 1/2 northern tribes along with 46 cities of the 2 1/2 southern tribes EXCEPT for the city of Jerusalem were taken into the Assyrian Captivity 745-680 BC and NEVER RETURNED to the Middle east.
Zolokasa 24.07.2018
Another fact-free ramble by BL.
Mokus 27.07.2018
We will definitely need a follow up as to what happened.
Digis 05.08.2018
Yep no social media and phones only were for talking
Shakajas 13.08.2018
Of course she did. Adam told her.
Dakasa 18.08.2018
Bill Clinton pardoned his brother who was a convicted drug dealer!
Shaktigul 27.08.2018
Shhh, don't disrupt the fantasy.
Zulusho 04.09.2018
Here's my updated old list with some blanks. Feel free to let me know if it's changed.
Tojalabar 12.09.2018
He also said to beat the crap out of them and he would pay the legal fees. Would you like to explain that one away?
Kigagis 21.09.2018
We are here, we started somewhere, in order to have started we needed a place hospitable to intelligent life. There are plenty of articles out there showing how if anything had happened even slightly different, starting with the big bang, the universe would not be able to hold life at all. So, yes, fine tuned.
Yobei 24.09.2018
I'm not special counsel.
Jular 29.09.2018
One of them is semi-competent, though, and he's not on our side of the table. Scary.
Maukasa 08.10.2018
You need more than numbers you need the power of language. But in sense even in terms of physics considering a q-bit, zero is embedded in the logic of understanding the universe we live in.
Kajizahn 18.10.2018
no, he doesn't. Other men have said that in the bible, not god.
Vurr 24.10.2018
No. There?s actually none.
Molar 26.10.2018
You got that right Sir Tainley!
Groll 29.10.2018
You needn't waste any sorrow on me. The cloud precipitates out of the sky and evaporates back in to it. They are the same substance but in different orders of reality so to speak. However, I am using this as a metaphor to illustrate the relationship between God and the universe. It is a higher function of intelligence to understand things figuratively than literally. Therefore it is I who should be sad for you only I'm not.
Megar 07.11.2018
Shore nuff, hon.
Kiganos 11.11.2018
Fair enough, that might be the case for you, but I'm sure there are numerous people who that is not the case for, as they likely regarded fornication as immoral.
Zulkirr 13.11.2018
Yes yes, we all get it. You?re falsely giving credit for this great news to the Immaculate Indonesian.
Mauzshura 21.11.2018
well we are all only human we all look weather we want to admit it or not but we do. no one is perfect so i expect my so to look but i expect him to realize I'm better I'm everyway
Faera 23.11.2018
Yup. No cops, firefighters, hospitals, etc. should ever work on a sabbath. Why anyone would pay that much attention to some alleged bits of rocks that some alleged god allegedly inscribed with some alleged laws, is a bit past my acceptance levels.
Kazicage 28.11.2018
The verse says he "could not". It does not say he "did not".
Akinoran 02.12.2018
I thought she looked like a squid??
Dudal 05.12.2018
So go somewhere else if you want a lefty echo chamber, Rick.
Gajas 11.12.2018
'Morn, Lady Z....
Keran 14.12.2018
Your question was ridiculous, and your analogy more so.

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