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When would you say "people started to realize that it would be nonsense if it would be taken literally much longer"? 100 BC?

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Lesbian domintrix video
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Morn 26.12.2017
The argument you are trying to make work is that it is racism, when there is no evidence it is. You argument amounts to "I want this to be about this man being racist, therefore I will belive that it is". No evidence required.
Megar 27.12.2017
So, He is in subjection to "the Laws of Nature" He created Himself. Pull your head out of that tube, please.
Shakale 03.01.2018
you completely missed my point.
Sasho 04.01.2018
Hi Ed, Sorry to interrupt you but a comment column in which we were exchanging ideas closed while I was away.
Vubar 13.01.2018
Yes, he used his dad's guns. That's what's so scary about this case. None of the gun control laws people are trying to pass would have stopped him. And even if he didn't have a gun he still could have attacked or killed Shana in another way, even if there were less fatalaties. Yes, we can talk about guns, but there's more to this issue.
Meztitaur 14.01.2018
"Do you believe such teachings were a good thing?"
Turan 21.01.2018
Don't give me homework assignments. It is YOU who are complaining about what I said therefore it is YOU who needs to point out SPECIFICALLY my error.
Doumi 24.01.2018
If you have a cite to a statement from someone who was there, I'd be happy to look at it.
Kigashura 29.01.2018
Hey folks, I'm going to shock a lot of people here by saying:
Tular 05.02.2018
As far as I can tell:
Gardall 10.02.2018
>>"LGBTQ needs extra bubble wrap something thats foreign to conservative Christians"<<
Fegami 20.02.2018
So, where, other than your faith, did you find the evidence you based this claim on:
Mikak 25.02.2018
Can you provide us with a concrete example of where the Bible is vindicated by a 20 year adjustment in carbon dating of a settlement site?
Moogumi 03.03.2018
See, I challenge that premise. You CAN get a mortgage if you have no credit at all through manual underwriting. You have a history if you pay your electricity, rent, and so on in a timely fashion. Yeah, you have to work at it, but you can do it. As for the car, I have not had a car payment for 15 years now. Even with repairs, I have spent less on vehicles over that time than anyone with even a modest car payment. I gave a thought experiment that shows the math at work. Discipline and patience is the key. Too many of us rush and rush to get the good stuff *right now* and that causes risky behavior. Get a normal debt load and then one job layoff and you find out how risky and painful playing with debt actually is.
Grosar 10.03.2018
NO but you and the sheep dicker ARE!
Samukus 17.03.2018
Kevin, the baker was rightfully sued for refusing to give a service to gay customers he regularly gives to straight customers. He violated state non-discrimination business law.
Mautaxe 18.03.2018
Then explain what you meant so I can understand . ?? ??
Moogutilar 27.03.2018
He's writing what Renata has claimed happened,
Misida 31.03.2018
My uncle took ours with his little Kodak camera. Probably a dollar for the film and about that much to get them developed
Miran 07.04.2018
I didn't necessarily get the impression that he was criticising this channel specifically, just saying that he sees this misunderstanding on the interwebs sometimes and he'd like to clear it up.
Kazrarn 10.04.2018
Medicare for All, so we can stop rehashing the bits of ACA that people don't like. We just need to say "no more medical bankruptcies for the richest country on Earth" and be done with it.
Sat 11.04.2018
Or is it Luke that is quoting from Clement? The problem with using 1 Clement to defend a 1st century date for every NT document it shares a quote with is that Clement does not always name his sources. That means that when he appears to be quoting a canonical NT book, he may actually be quoting an earlier work from which it was redacted, and later books may be quoting him. If you want to give yourself a good brain teaser, go through 1 Clement and find all the quotes and themes Clement shares with Hebrews. Then see if you can prove whether Clement is quoting Hebrews or Hebrews is quoting Clement.
Ditaxe 14.04.2018
64 AD - Rome burned &'Nero played his fiddle?
Dujinn 17.04.2018
so you want to take the right too kneel in order to honor those who died to give the right too kneel?
Yobei 27.04.2018
I'm not making a separate account.
Shakalar 04.05.2018
"Why not consider...Goddidit once more?"

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