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YOU would not be able to handle it. Trust me. And most of the time? Christians go into those groups and run their mouths against me, and spew all kinds of foul crap against me. Their favorite? Well Muslims do it, so go pick on them. People already expose the Muslim ones and I do too, but someone has to stand up and do what is right and expose the Christian pedophiles. And the Pastors of Hate.

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Comments (27)
Kajilkis 20.04.2018
It is down to 61% nowadays!
Moogukree 21.04.2018
your is a possessive pronoun, you're is a contraction of you and are. Work on your sentence structure ed, it leaves a lot to be desired and in the professional world will seriously hold you back
Dirr 25.04.2018
Oh please. Take a course in reading comprehension. First you got Ella wrong, now me.
Tazilkree 27.04.2018
I bet you all didn't know that if you can tell the difference between being rude or not rude that means you can't possibly suffer from social anxiety or any other mental illness. Just FYI from an ignorant twat on LS :)
Dazilkree 06.05.2018
Whatever you say
Toktilar 08.05.2018
Being an atheist shooter doesn't mean they are representing atheism. There is nothing to represent.
Tucage 09.05.2018
just about everything
Mekora 18.05.2018
Lol our rottie was the same. Our neighbors owned like 5 demonic Chihuahuas and she'd speed up and cry every time we had to walk past.
Gokus 24.05.2018
Not hardly. Most of these deaths are gang related, and they have seemingly no problems getting access to firearms.
Taukora 02.06.2018
It's most definitely a wilful blindness... I find that very sobering indeed.
Kazramuro 09.06.2018
National polls for Hillary... and it is worth noting she won the popular vote by a few million votes, so those polls were not really off when it comes to how the US, as a whole, was feeling. (And this is coming from a person who has long stated Hillary was the worst candidate on that ballot.)
Voodoolrajas 14.06.2018
I must ask: How do you always get Lili to look so regal?
Tashakar 15.06.2018
I did NOT say Trump is one. I said he has surrounded himself with those kinds of people, Pence is in fact a Dominionist. So are many of the Evangelicals that he has surrounded himself with. And Trump is bowing down to them and giving them power, by putting such people as Betty DeVos and others in positions of power. DeVos is a known Dominionist.
Mezuru 21.06.2018
You were the subject of a study at Cambridge University?
Tugami 29.06.2018
It's nothin' for me to whup a man's ass!
Arak 06.07.2018
Actually, the culture of hate is nationwide with chapters in most cities.
Meztijind 12.07.2018
I enjoy watching Trump fail. Now that the other countries are figuring out they cannot negotiate with that cockroach, they'll make him irrelevant until he is impeached.
Toshura 21.07.2018
troll troll troll troll...TROLL!
JoJosida 24.07.2018
How are you this morning?
Groshakar 02.08.2018
Nope. I don't think about it enough to actually do it.
Tojataxe 09.08.2018
Freeping, as per urban dictionary:
Mekazahn 18.08.2018
Here is a sample quote from your researcher:
Gardashakar 26.08.2018
Ok so I didn?t include that part for a reason. Look at what I posted. Tell me, What does ?formless and void? mean?
Tell 02.09.2018
Diet Coke causes AIDs though. Just sayin.
Muzshura 09.09.2018
Why do people go out of their ways to find the lie that fits their narrative so well? Why do you twist the truth? It just makes all of you look even MORE stupid, as though that's a possibility. If you get any more stupid, you might forget how to breath.
Mazugis 19.09.2018
Now we have conservatives teeing up the idea that ALL IMMIGRATION IS bad.
Shatilar 27.09.2018
God resists the proud and listens to and answers the humble. Christ says to you and me, "Come unto me.."

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