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Changing room quickie - real public.

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Changing room quickie - real public.

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And the Israelites were still bronze age people. Also they didn't have Chariots.

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Comments (27)
Daizshura 06.01.2018
Persecuting by uttering words? Lol. Really...
Dajora 14.01.2018
Perhaps one day society will progress to point where everyone?s choice is recognized. Until then we have to continue the fight against molestophobes and bigots
Voodoozahn 24.01.2018
I'm not being cagey. You know the facts & I suggest you just need
Yogor 31.01.2018
Well, I admit that we all have biases. I guess that there's that potential but I can't really see what good inserting a supernatural creature or even a religious philosophy into a system is anything but a bad thing. Occam's razor after all. Cut out the extraneous bits for clarity.
Barn 04.02.2018
Like I said. we need options. I can go into a church, an organization, a clinic etc to get the information I want. The choices are there and whether I agree with them or not I wouldn't want to eliminate the choices of seeking out spiritual or medical counsel.
Kiganris 08.02.2018
One at a time, eh, old bean? No, of course not, because your intention is not to foster a sensible debate, is it?
Zugor 19.02.2018
Zimmerman is white.
Gulabar 27.02.2018
"An omniscient, omnipotent God"
Dagami 04.03.2018
Yes, but the majority of mass shooters are indeed white and male.
Dujora 12.03.2018
I'd say that the authors described (or inherited the description of) personal psychological experiences, and fashioned them in a theistic framework.
Vishicage 15.03.2018
People without a sense of humor (or who can't recognize a joke, even if it's a really bad joke) should be accused of being prejudiced against irony (or "ironist," I suppose).
Dimi 19.03.2018
A bit of a red herring though. Basic triage and firemen are confronted that choice every day.
JoJorisar 27.03.2018
Self-hypnosis? How can anybody deny what the Creator and Savior has done for them? I am blessed beyond measure. I hope you will one day come to know Him as well.
Tet 05.04.2018
Yes, I Don't Disagree but also a trained cosmologist.
Kagazilkree 14.04.2018
And on what evidence (not belief) do you base your claim that this Jesus of yours rose from death?
Mezilrajas 18.04.2018
Yes we are obsessive bastards lol
Aralkis 24.04.2018
Yeah, those 10 commandments on all those courthouses are just there to show ?values?, not support a religion... except, I forget what the first 3 commandments are...hmmm
Kazizilkree 28.04.2018
Having a refreshing day at home watching Killing Eve. So good
Nikogul 04.05.2018
TFCC did a survey a year or so ago and s/he got similar results (majority atheists), but again the methodology wasn't best practice.
Arak 09.05.2018
What's your point kitchen sink?
Yot 12.05.2018
So you're asking can you wait out and bid your time so that chitty behavior becomes more acceptable to them?
Garg 19.05.2018
Never been in one, but still hopeful.
Meztizilkree 21.05.2018
exactly! It needs to meet the individuals threshold
Shasho 24.05.2018
it's not about the way you look at it.. no one come to God lest they be drawn to him, which is by his Spirit.... each day 30.000 Chinese are reported to come to Christ.. 3000 Muslims.. rational people not so many... they shall make their own way to da grave and then the judgment!!! whether you like it or not.. ii presume not. you will be judged..due to the stubborness of your own wicked heart!
Brakus 29.05.2018
We're talking about selling into slavery, not for food. In fact, see that bit of Exodus I have linked, it's pretty clear from context.
Samukasa 02.06.2018
Oh, no prob. We all get our wires crossed from time to time. No biggie.
Vozshura 09.06.2018
LOL You're such a dick.

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