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Where do latins come from

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JR gonna EXPLODE for 14 points (5-14 FG).

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Where do latins come from
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Shaktilar 20.12.2017
A plainly unimpressive stunt for a deity that purportedly set up all that is and will ever be.
Tauzragore 30.12.2017
Yes, yes, because I have so much faith in the predictions of Mitt.
Takora 06.01.2018
To match your text.
Jushura 11.01.2018
Like I?ve said, wiki sucks
Tygokora 20.01.2018
Depends entirely on your definition of "works for people".
Dirn 29.01.2018
False!! I know that the Creator exists. Your statement is simply not true on that basis. At least one person knows a Creator exists. The only way your statement could be true is if you preface it with your personal pronoun as in, "I do not know of any creators that exist." YOU may not know, but many of us DO know. When you do not know something that someone else knows, you may have different reasons for it. Since you do not have all knowledge in the universe, (if you did, then you would be God) it is logical to say that you personally do not have that knowledge, but others may.
Kashura 31.01.2018
Personally, I think there's lack of practicality and I do not, by principle, support demagogy.
Tugal 03.02.2018
Well, thanks for posting the links to the home pages of various apologetics (not intended to be dismissive or otherwise inflammatory, but that's just the role they're playing). Is there any particular material on any of the those domains that you're wanting me to evaluate as evidence?
Moogubei 10.02.2018
Yeah, damn Democrats always trying to take away our Constitutional rights and other laws that they think they should not have to follow....
Vudokazahn 14.02.2018
Actually, there isn't, YET!!
Macage 23.02.2018
I'll go out on a limb here: they'll never nuke us.
Zulkirr 05.03.2018
Don't expect republicans to address sentencing problems any time soon.
Gokinos 10.03.2018
That's kind of the thing, though - we have new immigrants say the pledge
Taugar 12.03.2018
The belief in rationality stems from the rationality of the universe, to understand the universe is viewed as a religious creed by some. But that is a very complex question that we could go into very extensively. Modernism, of course, overstepping the Pre-modern platonic form as in the plan and working of nature. But, I don't know if I can get into all that in depth right now.
Shakakinos 17.03.2018
Of course there might be atheists as you describe them, guess you fail to understand what atheism is, just that, lack of god in our lives the very same way lack of mini pink unicorns in our lives. No difference.
Mat 18.03.2018
I would sure like to know why each individual attends these sites. It's interesting to see people use their time here to explain their hate here over and over again. Kinda like trying to start a new belief system and get others to join
Molrajas 23.03.2018
Typical Canadians, always latching on to someone for support. Typical France dick sucking no doubt on the Canadian side. Trudeau is being laughed at by his own people, who the fuck takes this guy serious anyway?
Mikaramar 25.03.2018
Not talking about Snopes. I'm talking about the things he said that were on video and it sure sounded like if you assaulted an anti-Trump person, he'd pay your legal fees.
Fell 30.03.2018
Your suggestion that accidents and random events are not natural seems unfounded.
Taktilar 07.04.2018
the principal just interrupted the fun.. Just bra left, that's serious
Vudokazahn 14.04.2018
I'm great - work reasons forced me to cut back, and i got used to not using Disqus.
Nami 14.04.2018
I can think of a scrawny far left socialist and an overweight far left socialist, one who has done enough damage to Ontario and one who thinks she can do a hell of a lot more damage to Ontario.
Nikojin 24.04.2018
He's so short you'll have to punch him on the top of his fat head
Nirr 30.04.2018
The same would apply to any house.
Akinogal 03.05.2018
This is so true...
Vugar 13.05.2018
This gets rather tricky. Let me split the infinite by saying that God may or may not be an intelligent being, but, regardless, God sets no demands on us. Basically I can't split God from my world, but I do not assume that God demands my adoration etc etc. Does this render God insignificant? Only if the world is insignificant to me. Commonsense and experience inform me that the world is essential to me. Put someone in a sensory deprivation tank for too long and they go mad.
Moogubar 21.05.2018
Nope. Except for a small percentage of our planet, the universe is fatal to us. Claiming this means the universe is fine tuned for us shows your profound ignorance of science.
Dulkis 23.05.2018
There is no anger in my statement and your assessment of christians slaughtering more than other groups is not a fact but a lie. Many groups of humans have killed wrongly at one time or another, but socialists and communists are the ones that have killed more people than any other, not christians.
Shakakazahn 01.06.2018
But I'm asking you why?
Zolotilar 02.06.2018
This would be funny but for all the young blacks idolizing these jerks that end up dead becauce they want to be like them and disrespect other people thinking they are justified in doing so because they are BLACK.
Badal 05.06.2018
that god created special water
Kajigore 15.06.2018
This is not your private thread--and by the way, you're conversing with me now.
Grozahn 25.06.2018
Many Christians didn't allow secularism in. Secularism was forced in.
Kigalabar 04.07.2018
I think I could probably get on board with that
Fenrishicage 13.07.2018
One is selecting, the other is opting for an internship

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