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It can be hard to get the powerful to give up anything when they can just take it from the weak.

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Cliffhanger sex Wild Crazy tube
Cliffhanger sex Wild Crazy tube
Cliffhanger sex Wild Crazy tube
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Zulushicage 30.12.2017
The person shouldn't crash into me at all. Sometimes accidents happen and have to be repaired, but being on the road doesn't mean I'm inviting every car on the road to broadside me.
Zulkibei 10.01.2018
Ok, don't take my word for it go research it fascinating stuff.
Kagataur 17.01.2018
Sorry, bro. You have declared your failure to value or acquire, and thus your need for functional literacy in Psychology, which impacts all kinds of other disciplines relevant to the discussion of God, including the existence of Science in the first place.
Shaktizragore 23.01.2018
I agree. Christian Fundamentalism makes for good teevee.
Sagal 30.01.2018
Atheism can not support any moral framework and cant even begin to condemn it whatsoever.
Malagul 05.02.2018
It's just knocking young people.
Kazragar 10.02.2018
That's what's up
Grogar 12.02.2018
Another aspect that's implied in the OP (but not explicitly stated) is the immense cruelty and misery involved with evolution. Not only is it inefficient, but that a good selection of the creatures involved possess a nervous system (i.e. a pain system) in an environment where the vast majority of them will be consumed by predation seems to be an absolute horror of a design. Such a god redefines sadism.
Shajinn 13.02.2018
I ignored it because it doesnt exist.
Malale 14.02.2018
Lot of republicans fit that description also, both sides get donors that want slave labor.
Misho 24.02.2018
What percentage of species do you think are at the optimal level?

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