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Dang it! I keep setting it to public (I think), but people keep telling me it's private. And sometimes I find my upvotes and downvotes have disappeared. Check in from time to time and I'll try to resolve my weird technical difficulties.

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Mexican softcore movie tube
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Sami 22.06.2018
Of course it's a fucking religion, you dicksplash.
Jugor 29.06.2018
whatever drugs you are on i might cut back a tad
Dailar 07.07.2018
NOC. You are most glorious.!
Gashakar 13.07.2018
In what context?
Mikanris 20.07.2018
You shouldn't use terms you don't understand. Fascism was a reactionary position to oppose socialism. Nazism is as much socialist as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a democracy, a republic or belongs to the people.
Brajora 25.07.2018
I did what? I disagreed premised on personal experience. Thru PERSONALLY discussing this with parishioners who didn't feel "god" but wanted to believe. They had the same issues others here expressed... how can you MAKE yourselves convinced of something. As an Ordained Minister.... the answer was "open yourself up" and "god will give you a sign" AKA "Fake it until you make it".
Grosida 28.07.2018
I do not need this type of positivity on a Monday. ;)
Tojacage 30.07.2018
You feel sensitive to "what other people think" because of your age. And I mean that as no kind of criticism whatsoever; rather, it is completely, and TOTALLY, understandable and normal. It's part of our growth pattern. And in our early adulthood, we are still examining and defining our role in the world and our perception of self. So it's only natural that the perceptions - and yes, the criticisms! - of others should be felt acutely.
Marr 08.08.2018
I love when they threaten to block you, as if there were any possible response besides, "You're not going to talk to me anymore? SWEET!"
Tojajin 15.08.2018
Those aren't examples. Those are statements. By themselves, they prove nothing. You do realize that the swastika is an ancient Buddhist symbol, right? It's not a cross, and was never meant to represent a cross.
Vudoshura 20.08.2018
Bullshit alert... bullshit alert... bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.
Tygogami 26.08.2018
There are other types of patronage besides religious. Not interested in those either.
Yozshushura 03.09.2018
What a revelation? So now you are the God? So why are you on an internet website pretending to be someone else? You are quite weird. I think I'll leave you alone and to your own imagination,
Tojagal 10.09.2018
Nope. Read the CRA of 1964. The same excuse tried to justify discriminatuon against another minority group, African-Americans.
Galkis 12.09.2018
Where's the persecution? I see a Cardinal's opinion.
Brarisar 20.09.2018
Just another Religious Organization hack who thinks he is the only adult in the room. Typical of a church man.
Akijas 01.10.2018
Well, I'm glad you weren't as gullible as a child as you appear to be as an adult.
Mazulkis 06.10.2018
Yeah I wasn't a perfect parent but I would have been asking some serious questions if my kid had a bunch of Nazi symbols laying around
Mulabar 15.10.2018
During first date:
Neran 21.10.2018
Are the West's taggin' along too?
Dushicage 24.10.2018
Much like Liberal supporters here in Ontario.

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