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I don't see any 'lifestyles' being promoted other than family lifestyles. You are of the opinion just because of the parents is a different than you expect that someone creates a different 'lifestyle'? That sort of makes the the term 'lifestyle' referring to an action pretty useless. Is there a 'mixed race' lifestyle, a 'mixed ethnicity' lifestyle, a 'they are bald' lifestyle.

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Juk 29.12.2017
She said YES! bacon
Akinozil 02.01.2018
"To which your response was "Yea well Islam is bad so they will do it differently", which is just mere islamophobic nonsense"
Misho 08.01.2018
In the context of an argument regarding feminism and offense, I thought it was a particularly poignant bit of name calling. I though you were being particularly droll and did truly think it was intentional and funny. See? Another case of I didn?t mean to offend. And I?m not even a guy!
Faektilar 11.01.2018
Bullied in the form of a pastor citing scripture to them about gay people being inherently sinful, and a betrayal of God's creation?
Voodookree 19.01.2018
Gashura 21.01.2018
You are a double talking coward.
Gashicage 29.01.2018
"Is the irreligiosity of America causing more people to care less for human life?"
Shagami 03.02.2018
Which verses do you have in mind?
Tauzshura 08.02.2018
Open the Bible and close your mind. The Bible doesn't even count the age of the Chinese culture or the Australian Aborigines, both are more than 10k. But we now have ways of measuring age. There are so many places on earth that are far older than any religious view.
Kazisar 10.02.2018
No, mate, it doesn't. Read context, it refers to gender.
Kazigar 18.02.2018
No Sir. You are so far off it is ridiculous.
Groshicage 26.02.2018
You keep changing my words and assigning me things I didn't say. This is a dishonest approach. I never mentioned Islamic culture, I speak of Islam's doctrine contained in the Koran, Hadith and Sira.
Vudolar 02.03.2018
We're counting on our American friends to enthusiastically vote this fall and in 2020.
Kik 03.03.2018
There was no Christ as is described in the Bible born to a virgin and to die for our sins, so that covers both the Bible and the Quran, no more worries there.
Arashilmaran 05.03.2018
Like the right to bear muskets... er, I mean... assault rifles?
Aragar 11.03.2018
I second that, I will donate the GAS!
Juk 18.03.2018
Thank you for your very interesting elaboration.
Dourg 23.03.2018
I feel sorry for Russian folk because they have been held in bondage for like 100 years.
Zugor 24.03.2018
Except that's not all I've got at all. I've facts and reason. You have racism and silly demagoguery. You lose every single time and twice on Sunday.
Faurg 01.04.2018
Was that an argument?
Tale 08.04.2018
Much like the current president?
Kabar 16.04.2018
It really angers me growing up very close to my grandma. She had 2 trips planned when she passed.
Mozuru 25.04.2018
Beach front property, sounds good to me.
Shaktiramar 30.04.2018
lol! Were you under the impression that I said that evolutionists don't accept evolution?

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