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Chubby chicks in short skirts

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Care to explain how a sense of hope and joy in death (assuming those to be the wishes of the about-to-be decedent) cannot be achieved through secular means? If you can't, you lose!

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Chubby chicks in short skirts
Chubby chicks in short skirts
Chubby chicks in short skirts
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Comments (34)
Tebar 20.12.2017
You realize that's not a good argument right? That you've just equated god with an idea.... and dismiss the claims that it has some effect on reality. Because if it had an effect on reality... like gravity... we'd have some observation we can posit must certainly come from god. But we don't. Heck... you can't even prove its YOUR god that you assert created the earth and not someone else's god. So lets try:
Zologrel 29.12.2017
But, unlike demonic liberal like you who trashed God, Jesus never abandoned his faith in God...
Zulutaxe 05.01.2018
Me too. It's crazy to just be somewhere living your life, not bothering anyone, and having the police called on you.
Faejinn 15.01.2018
You're wrong, actually.
Kajicage 22.01.2018
It's an OpEd.
Dailrajas 25.01.2018
Amazing how disgusting this OP gets below the image... "pimping out" survivors of a shooting? Seriously? And since when was unfettered access to firearms a religious thing?
Shaktilabar 05.02.2018 you understand that global warming is real and has been severely affected by human activities. Even the CEOs of oil companies figured it out so Im glad you did too.
Daikree 09.02.2018
Hitler wasn't atheist. And, again, if we want to add up all the mass murders in the world and see what flavor of myth was actually pulling the trigger or plunging the blade, I can pretty much guarantee it is theists involved for well over 99% of the kills.
Voodoozuru 19.02.2018
Have you sent your ante?
JoJosida 21.02.2018
"How many murders were caused by religions before history? Obviously, most all of them, since, most all believed in some type of God"
Modal 25.02.2018
In other words, you cannot. No surprise, of course.
Dizshura 02.03.2018
I can't date you because you entirely miss the point far too often.
Samular 05.03.2018
How can there be no 2 Christians in the entire world that understand the same way? I happen to know many, many people who "understand" the way I do. So..
Fenrigrel 11.03.2018
There is nothing special in the universe. The universe itself is not special. Nature is nothing but an amalgam of mindless cycles of force. The cosmos is not sentient - not even of itself. The universe does not have, and is incapable of having, a point of view about itself or about any of its parts. In that respect, the cosmos resembles H.P. Lovecraft's blind idiot god, Azathoth.
Kegrel 13.03.2018
Referring to someone in a derogatory name is much less of an insult than degrading someone's heritage through an evolutionary insult!
Mezijinn 24.03.2018
"Warming stopped 20 years ago or there abouts."
Kajill 28.03.2018
Actually inspired is the argument that believers come up with then they first will say it is the word of God, you then point out all the errors and contradictions in the Bible they then change their tune to it is inspired.
Arashir 06.04.2018
Taushakar 09.04.2018
Not sure you could prove this Biblically, but sounds more inclusive than some of the posts here. Its like having a black Santa for black kids...
Kelkree 19.04.2018
"The type of fitness we are talking about here is the fitness of a genome to reproduce itself."
Nelkree 24.04.2018
progressives believe in bigger government.
Mezizahn 04.05.2018
I always thought of cats as a sort of deist (each one thinks it is god in its space).
Arashikora 11.05.2018
So if she regularly consumes fired food but still has a hot body, that's still a turn off to you? ....I don't think you are hating on anyone.
Kelkree 19.05.2018
mmmmm piss water! lolololol
Arashilar 22.05.2018
Because Trudeau is handsome, intelligent, well-spoken and likeable.
Nam 25.05.2018
...and other places.
Mikarr 25.05.2018
Bullying people again, copyright?
Gutaxe 01.06.2018
You've added extra definitions. Alright, let's say that the dragon is invisible and is some advanced species. If it is in your garage, it should take up space. So sweeping some wires or something around until it hits something invisible should reveal that it exists. Otherwise, it does not.
Tuhn 04.06.2018
Except you won't have lungs or a mouth anymore so there's that.
Faelkis 07.06.2018
His religion is a ponzi scheme (like most religions).
Durg 09.06.2018
I do like a good title.
Nikojas 10.06.2018
So you're pro-choice?
Dougis 14.06.2018
Damn!! What about if I don't use teeth?
Nern 16.06.2018
Probably since there's no threat and you're too blind to realize that.

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