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Charity is not a religious thing. People give to cure cancer, autism, aid for stray animals, scholarship funds, any and every type of social ill.

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Spy cam videos masturbation Masturbation
Spy cam videos masturbation Masturbation
Spy cam videos masturbation Masturbation
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Kazrat 02.04.2018
The example points out the idiocy of the suggestion it responds to.
Meziramar 04.04.2018
Hey scripture says no ?man? is without excuse. Aliens get a pass ??
Zulurg 11.04.2018
Sexual abuse can skew the sexual desires of a child.
Gokree 22.04.2018
I know what an atheist is, but it requires the ability to believe.
Tojalkis 29.04.2018
Every single example is accurate but your low intellect demographic just can?t comprehend facts. ;)
Zulkisar 01.05.2018
I just re-watched the old BBC version of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Where the League of Philosophers threatens to go out on strike and Deep Thought the 2nd smartest computer ever says "Who Would that inconvenience?"
Voodoonris 08.05.2018
Supposedly Mike Pence supported "gay conversion" therapy, including the use of electroshock therapy
Tygonos 10.05.2018
If you lost money in a robbery or felt pain in an absent limb I would believe you without evidence because they are likely to be true. If you tell me that the entire universe was created by an invisible being using a variation of magic I would require more than a book of old fables.
Kataur 20.05.2018
I worry about believers who think a vengeful, capricious God needs to be placated through worship.
Akikree 25.05.2018
And you are supported because it is with the industrial revolution that the anti-slavery movement begins. Not to mention women no longer need to be subservient. And the men no longer have the excuse of having to escape or relax which is to use any intoxicant. Hence the three great campaigns that mark the early evangelicals which are called the liberal churches now. Because their message really did free humans for the first time. That mixed with a firm embrace of egalitarian ideals acting on the ideals of the enlightenment but now having a real method that worked.
Zunos 31.05.2018
Where'd you get ?worked up? from?
Zuzil 07.06.2018
Yeah I know but thats how it went for Trump his dad's pull an $$$ . Bush 43 served in NG but dad being ambassador to France pulled strings to keep him stateside . It's was who u knew an money we can keep this up alnight but thats is the truth an on record
Goltijin 13.06.2018
Plenty of evidence. No faith.
Galkree 14.06.2018
You drove me to tears and THAT'S all you got to say for yourself?

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