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Because having an imaginary wager with some anonymous internet poster means something, right?

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Comments (30)
Mutaxe 19.02.2018
Doesn't say much about your or your school or your degree.
Nagul 23.02.2018
"What does "macho culture" have to do with a joke of pretending to be an elevator operator in a department store - one of the first types of businesses to feature public elevators?"
Nezil 03.03.2018
Curious if you are suggesting that Hindu and Buddhist are altogether peaceful?
Shakakinos 04.03.2018
So you are inspired by Trump?
Sharr 12.03.2018
Oh lord... yeah probably did the right thing. I always wondered what I would do in a situation like that. The only time I ever had to deal with a bully was indirectly. My little cousin used to get bullied for being light skin in a small town. [She's super fair skinned - like Mariah Carey fair with light eyes and curly blond hair but 100% black and apparently there was a lot of colorism in the town]. I was around 12 I think, so she was about 8 or 9 and we were at the park with a couple of bats [we'd been playing softball earlier]. They came circling her and me being me.. I've been petite most of my life, but LOL very bout it regardless. So I got in between like: YOU GOT A PROBLEM, picking up the bat.. And so they backed off. But since there were more coming I was like, lesgo.... and they threw an apple at our backs [it didn't come close to hitting us] but I could tell they wanted to try and fight.
Voodoom 21.03.2018
I can see why they'd be bothered. As a guy, I'm rarely ogled and when it happens... cool!
Baramar 25.03.2018
I have no idea what fentanyl is.
Totaur 27.03.2018
God has enemies? If he failed in teaching the proper way of thinking to his creations, how the latter became his enemies? Can you consider the ants as your enemies? You the highly educated person, how can you consider something inferior as your enemy if you failed in educating or guiding them? Unless you gave them "free will", and in this case they are not your enemy, but "free thinking and acting individuals" as you wanted them to be. And you call this deity omniscient, omnipotent etc etc?
Maukasa 31.03.2018
"The United States imported just shy of $1 billion in Chinese steel in 2017, or 3.35 percent of the United States? nearly $30 billion annual steel import market, according to Commerce Department."
Zulugis 06.04.2018
I?m sure you asked the same thing of Trump voters. Keep digging.
Vor 11.04.2018
Uncle Screwtape, I absolutely believe it, I know it to be true.
Kazikree 14.04.2018
That is how it was written. Jesus, Paul and most Bible scholars preDarwin also took it literally.
Nilabar 24.04.2018
Isn't it obvious that this is not about literal chariots of iron or literal ancient warfare (which history does not record actually happening)? Its more reasonably seen as metaphors for this religious group trying to spread their spiritual message throughout the ancient world.
Akinogore 29.04.2018
Both, it uses every literary device sometimes several at once. You are presenting a false dichotomy.
Akibar 02.05.2018
He turned someone way from his business because they where gay. This is bigotry
Nagrel 11.05.2018
Right, I don't think any other person should attempt to redo it. It's like trying to redo the Thriller video... just no. Or at least, wait 30 years until any attempt is made.
Yozshusida 20.05.2018
Yeah but it was Noah and his grandson.
Felrajas 30.05.2018
No, what you post is ridiculous because you don't understand what a reliable source is.
Fer 01.06.2018
Does anyone else remember that teen show with Ryan Gosling? It didn't last long but I remember having a huge crush on him.
Mazahn 10.06.2018
You're right about abstinence only education. I think what Doowop is saying is that no birth control is 100 percent effective really. If more people just accepted that, there'd be less crying from some men about being trapped.
Vihn 11.06.2018
What about the best way to avoid situations like this as the country employing these people? Surely this isn?t the best we can do
Mek 17.06.2018
I have SHOES older than you...lmao...CHEERS!
Dohn 27.06.2018
There is nothing in the Bible that prohibits a lot of things, like mass shootings, nuclear weapons, pipe bombs, et al, so that must mean it condones all those things, right?
Kagajas 30.06.2018
I've never known anybody that took better care of themselves healthwise than my wife especially her diabetes. Kinda ironic that she is in worse shape physically than I am when I should have probably had a dozen heart attacks by now
Volrajas 07.07.2018
Well, look at it: we, Muslims, are allowed to lie to you, and now you have to believe our explanation about the limits of this lying. Are you buying it?
Kigakinos 15.07.2018
Yes it does mention the town but what's oldest manuscript with that in it? We don't have any complete manuscripts from before the Fourth Century. These things went through quite an evolution before the Church decided to mass produce them. Since you have the Greek font there, the interesting thing about Mark is that it's written in the present tense. So like when you tell a joke, "A guy walks in to a bar and says to the bartender.." One hint the book is fiction, another is that the author is an omniscient author who knows about things and conversations that happened when no one was around. He even knows what a crowd was thinking and even that they were thinking wrong. Also historical narratives never contain word for word dialog, people all speaking incomplete sentences. The book is nothing like a propaganda laced historical narrative like the Gaelic Wars but a drama set in a somewhat historical setting more like say Sherlock Holmes. So perhaps I'm wrong though I don't think so. It doesn't matter because nothing happened there anyway.
Meztirr 23.07.2018
Yep. If you don?t believe in God fine...does there need to be a debate about it?
Tolkis 28.07.2018
Oh how Duane Gish this article is.
Dumi 07.08.2018
So essentially what you imply is that since the government prints money, all of its citizens are indentured servants who work for the purpose of supporting the state. Whereby the state keeps our money and gives it out according to need.
Nikolrajas 10.08.2018
Religious freedom is at stake here.

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