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LOLOLOL yes it is a way to save face

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Chinese amateur caning with slave Niu Amateur video
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Toshakar 27.03.2018
God lied to Abraham when he tested him in Genesis 22. Unless you're saying the Angel at the end of the story *wasn't* speaking for God.
Mazulmaran 02.04.2018
Are you saying not to jail the business owners but only the employees? I am not sure what you are advocating for here.
Dugal 03.04.2018
I know what can fill your calendar: making a dumpster fire thread! :)
Meztizil 10.04.2018
"sufficient" and "credible" are rather subjective.
Akinomi 19.04.2018
I know, I don't want to be that jerk who leaves my wife when she has clear mental issues and no means to sustain herself, but I'd wish she'd actually go through with getting the fuck out of my life and stop giving me false hopes - today at lunch time she was acting all normal again...
Vudolmaran 28.04.2018
Sure there is. I posted several from various epistles for TFCC.
Kazijas 03.05.2018
We have epistles from Peter, John, Jude and James that are all ascribed to people who are believed to have known Jesus while he lived. Two of them were his siblings.
Felabar 05.05.2018
I remember, and I've repeatedly stated McConnell warned them not to take the expedient route because it could backfire on them when they weren't in power... and here we are.
Juk 07.05.2018
Sorry can't back track now, your point about free will agreed with mine.
Kazijora 09.05.2018
What a Moron.LMAO!!
Mehn 12.05.2018
I think she should have just yelled or shaken him awake. Or given a pop quiz that he would end up with a 0 on. And that the other kids would blame on him.
Marn 15.05.2018
You actually believe magic exists. I'd say your credulity's very poor.
Dilabar 20.05.2018
In other words the classic right-wing cry of "I got mine, who cares about the rest of you! Keep the government out of our lives, unless it's abortion in which case, lots of government intervention please!"
Zugar 24.05.2018
Ha potatoes, we grow em huge up here. Hopefully I love fun. How we do things around here anyway
Togal 28.05.2018
Yeah!!! Like the NIH where the re-write reports. Shannon science is a lot of guessing, stumbling, and problem solving mishaps it's not overnight ah ha's!
Nikosho 30.05.2018
You don't know how much I buy, Jenny! :/
Nak 31.05.2018
Lmfao that?ll show em
Akinolkis 04.06.2018
Good morning sir. :) Have a lovely day.
Mujar 09.06.2018
This is called a publicity-stunt and ironically, the man is the victim here.
Shaktit 11.06.2018
She stood up for her principles. I do believe she was naive about just how rabid members of Trump's base are.
Kagashura 12.06.2018
lol.... sounds like the same thing republicans have said about the mueller investigation...
Kazilmaran 20.06.2018
Nope. The words of men says Adam.
Balrajas 25.06.2018
Ah so you've gone with ad hom again instead of a reasoned response.
Nikozil 04.07.2018
What's going on with Harry's comments? They got posted and immediately removed with a [] in place of it?
Yozshule 13.07.2018
A true source of knowledge can be taken literally . . . to optimum benefit.
Mezizahn 17.07.2018
"confirms to you"
Samujin 22.07.2018
After Obama was in office for all of 48 days.........
Nimuro 30.07.2018
Not according to this:
Zulkijin 02.08.2018
The god of Israel is no more real than any other god, although he may be nastier.
Arazshura 11.08.2018
Theism does nothing of the sort. There are plenty of theists whose chosen beliefs have absolutely NO moral code to speak of. Such as Deists.
Voodoojind 20.08.2018
I don't dismiss it out of hand. It's precisely because I have popped the hood that I reject it.
Kagajas 30.08.2018
Gondor is in good hands for a long while to come!
Samutaxe 08.09.2018
Do you really believe we dont live in a welfare state?

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